Ray Crawley series

The Vietnam Volunteer

The Time Trap

The Azanian Action

The Japanese Job

The Cargo Club

The Kimberley Killing

The Baltic Business


Richard Browning series

Browning Without a Cause

Browning Sahib

Browning Battles On

Browning PI

Browning Takes Off

Browning in Buckskins

'Beverley Hills' Browning

'Box Office' Browning

Luke Dunlop series

Set Up

Cross Off

Get Even

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Young Adult fiction

Blood Brothers

Historical fiction

Colonial Queen

Wishart's Quest

The Journal of Fletcher Christian

The Gulliver Fortune

Naismith's Dominion

The Brothers Craft

Wimmera Gold

Other fiction

Standing in the Shadows: Three Novellas

The Winning Side

A round of Golf: Stories from the Green